Doña Jovita… mi abuela… beloved grandmother.

She epitomizes the family-centric image embodied by the resort; the mother figure who always lovingly nurtures all that is within her keep – her family, pets, and plants.

Doña Jovita Garden Resort is named after Jovita Palis Bonifacio. She was an elementary school teacher and businesswoman who started off selling whatever she could until she became a sales person for the piano business of former President Joseph Estrada’s mother, Mary Ejercito.

Jovita eventually put up her own bakery business and, in 1914, together with her husband Miguel, bought the property where the resort now stands at one centavo per square meter.

Ted Javier, her grandson, bought parcels of the property from her and her heirs. Her great granddaughter, Maria Rosario Jovita, now runs the resort under the mentorship of her parents, Ted and Rose Javier.