Doña Jovita Garden Resort welcomes fur babies of all shapes and sizes. We are a pet-friendly resort! For dogs, we do not discriminate on the breed or the size of the animal. We do, however, expect all pet parents to be responsible for cleaning the pee and poop of their pet/s while inside the resort premises.

 Doña Jovita Garden Resort is also active in animal welfare, particularly for cats and dogs. While our dogs are housed in shelters within the resort, our cats roam freely and live harmoniously among the natural flora and fauna of the property. This is because, like the dogs, they are all “kapon” or spayed (for females) and neutered (for males). One will notice that the resort cats have a “tanda” or notches on their ears to indicate that they are spayed/neutered.

We encourage this humane procedure to be done on the cats due to their many benefits both for the resort and the animals. These include (1) the cats living longer and healthier lives (2) having a calmer and friendlier demeanour, and (3) the resort helping the community fight the overpopulation of stray cats.

Drop by to meet our resort cats and bring your pets with you to Doña Jovita Garden Resort today!